Concept Design

In the concept design phase, we obtain our client’s brief; arrange, attend and record meetings with our client; establish the site conditions and constraints; make initial inquiries about regulatory requirements; and review the project budget. We can then proceed to prepare a preliminary design.
During this process, we explore and illustrate the design and cost options appropriate to the size of the project for our client to consider.

Design Development

During the design-development phase, we develop the concept design having regard to our client’s feedback and provide documentation to explain it; present 3D illustrations of the design; recommend specialist consultants; and review the developed design against the budget.
With our client’s approval, we can then proceed to prepare the appropriate documentation and applications to authorities.

Development and Construction Approvals

The approval process comprises of several phases. We co-ordinate and prepare the required documentation to facilitate and support the lodgement of applications to authorities in order to obtain development consents and certificates to permit the commencement of construction. Our scope of service includes co-ordinating the work of appointed specialist consultants plus the preparation of all required drawings, certification, reports and support information.

Building Contract Documentation

We work with our client and prepare the documentation to accommodate the most appropriate and effective procurement solution.
The documentation can include more extensive drawing and details, technical specification, schedules of building components, schedules of monetary sums, and other additional information.

Contractor Selection and Executing the Building Contract

Building agreements and contracts can be formed as a result of competitive tendering, negotiation, non-competitive quoting, or a combination of any of these.
This phase involves providing the appropriate information to selected contractors or tenderers and co-ordinating their submission of quotes or tenders to suit the preferred procurement solution. Our scope of service includes responding to questions and providing information during the period;
checking and analysing submissions and reporting to our client; discussions and meetings leading to a selection of a contractor;
and facilitating the execution of an acceptable agreement or building contract.

Contract Administration

Contract administration refers to the function of ensuring that a building contract is executed in accordance with the terms of the contract.
Our scope of service includes regular site visits to monitor work progress; supplying further design intent details to the contractor;
assisting our client in the detailed selection of fittings, fixtures and finishes; issuing written instructions to the contractor; assessing contractor’s claims and issuing certificates; and dealing with other matters plus performing specific tasks required by the administrator under the building contract.


Feasibility Analysis

Our clients may seek our services in providing information and advice to assist in assessing the viability of a project through firstly determining the development potential of a site, and then the relationship between the cost factors of construction and building operation on one hand, and the estimated return from the project on the other. We have a thorough understanding of the planning constraints and the implications these can have. Backed with our experience and local knowledge, particularly in multi-unit residential and townhouse developments, we understand how to maximise a site’s potential.


Apart from providing illustrations of our designs during all stages of our core architectural services, it is not uncommon for our clients to ask us to provide illustrations of a project to be used to ‘sell’ the project to the client’s organisation or for marketing purposes. The illustrations can be provided in the form of perspective renders (artist’s impression) and 3D modelling.

Working with Builder-Developers and Project Managers

The scope of service can be tailored to suit but will depend on a number of factors including the nature of the project, client requirements,
client resources and capabilities, and the method of building procurement. Our work is offered in an architectural context to ensure that all aspects of a project are successfully coordinated and managed throughout the stages of pre-design, design, design development, contract documentation, contract administration, and occupation. Our services aim to control the work of all consultants, contractors and specialist contractors, by detailed planning and the management of the administrative processes.